Raw Sewage Cleanup Cost

There are several factors that affect the raw sewage cleanup cost. For example, the spill itself could have many different contaminants, and there could be multiple pipes or blockages that need to be addressed. In addition, a spill could occur in a toilet or shower, where the sewage could back up and overflow. Either way, the contaminated area needs to be cleaned up and disposed of.

Contaminants in raw sewage

Contaminants in raw sewage are a major cause of property damage. Fortunately, these contaminants can be eliminated with the use of a variety of different cleaning techniques. This process is known as sewage cleanup. This procedure is necessary to prevent the spread of disease and other problems caused by contaminated sewage.

Contaminants can occur anywhere along your septic system, including the drain field, piping, and plumbing fixtures. This contamination can occur because of a broken septic tank, misaligned sewage pipes, or overflowing toilets. If you find yourself in this situation, it is important to contact your insurance company as soon as possible. If you are able to, take pictures of the affected area to submit to your insurer as evidence of your claim.

The main health risks associated with sewage contamination include bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites, and protozoa. These pathogens can cause a variety of illnesses, such as cholera. Some sewage even contains pathogens that can harm the occupants of a building. The level of risk is increased with higher sewage content. In addition, sewage contamination can affect the materials within the building and in contact with them.


A hazardous sewage spill can occur anywhere along your septic system, from overflowing toilets to tree roots blocking underground lines. When this happens, sewage can become airborne, causing dangerous fumes and odors. They can also irritate respiratory systems and cause headaches. While regular detergents and soaps can effectively clean up a sewage spill, they cannot completely remove the toxic toxins found in sewage. Airborne pathogens from sewage spills can also spread through HVAC systems. Consequently, it is imperative to call a professional cleanup company.

A sewage leak will release a large amount of pathogenic bacteria into the air. These pathogens can be very dangerous to humans if they come into contact with food. In addition, raw sewage provides an ideal environment for pathogens to reproduce outside of the human body. The Clostridium botulinum bacteria, for example, cause botulism. Other pathogens present in raw sewage include E-coli and salmonella.

Raw sewage cleanup is not cheap. If you’re looking to avoid an expensive emergency, you should first consider the cost of repairing your sewer system. Sewer pipe repair costs can range anywhere from $650 to $2,000. Replacing a septic tank may cost up to $5,000. A professional cleanup company will identify the source of the burst sewage and repair or replace it.


The cost of raw sewage cleanup depends on a number of factors. The size and location of the spill are the two most important determining factors. The time of day and the number of damaged materials can also influence the price. The average cost of a sewage backup is approximately $7 per square foot.

A sewer backup can lead to severe damage to a property and can make it difficult to reclaim the area. Sewage water can also spread bacteria and mold, making the cleanup process more expensive and difficult. In addition, you may need to repair the sewer line, as well as clean up the water that has penetrated the walls and floors.

Raw sewage cleanup requires professional specialized equipment that can clean the area properly. This includes industrial equipment that can extract and clean contaminated materials. The work must be done in a safe manner. The contractor will also need to remove any furniture, carpets, or walls that may have absorbed sewage. The debris must be bagged. Cleaning of contaminated areas involves the use of power washers, disinfectants, and brushes.

Using a professional sewage cleanup service

If you experience a sewage backup in your home, hiring a professional to clean it up can be an excellent way to get it under control. They can perform quality repairs and cleanup while saving you time and money. Many of these companies offer many services, including odor removal and content cleanup.

Raw sewage is dangerous because it contains many harmful bacteria and germs. This makes it imperative to hire professionals to do the cleanup to minimize the risk of spreading illness and causing further damage to property. A sewage cleanup company will use special equipment and safety protocols to ensure that no one gets sick from touching or going near contaminated areas.

Sewage backups can be expensive and disrupt daily life. If you don’t clean up sewage as soon as possible, the bacteria and foul odors will continue to spread throughout the property. These bacteria can make you and your family sick. In addition, if you have trees and shrubs near your sewage lines, they may become overgrown and break the pipes.